His father was a ambassador for the United States. His sister and brother where both internationally acclaimed in their art of work. He, however, was stuck in middle school.

It's hard to live up to the family name for Douglas Fairchild. In fact, it is nearly impossible with his rowdy antics and claims of how man should be more like the Pefkakians, who - according to Douglas- do nothing but frolick in the bullrushes all day. After being kicked out from every private school that his parents could lay their hands on, the frazzled but famous mother and father decided to do what they thought was best: Send their son to the local middle school.

Douglas, however, wasn't ready to face the real world.To writing his History of Pefkakia during classes and all but sueing the school's bus system, Douglass proved to be a real problem that the school wasn't ready to face. So they did the only thing they could. They placed him in the Special Discussion Group.

The Twinkie Squad.

To be placed in the Twinkie Squad meant that you where low on the totem pole at the school, lower the plankton. Not to be socailized with. The Twinkies where outcasts- submitted to a half hour torture room with the ever smiling counsoluers, Julia and Martin, released their ever happy tactics to reach the kids.

But Doug's creativity was not to be quenched. He suceeded in bringing his best friend, Commando into the Twinkie squad as well. Needless to say, his friend wasn't to fond of this, and neither was anyone else.

With that, Douglas started a whole chain of event's that only Douglas could start. From renaming the Twinkie squad unoffically the Grand Knights of the Exalted Karpoozi (Pefkakian, of course) and making it a democratic-republic based club, to serving raw squid and losing it somewhere in the ceiling, to dumping green Jell-O on one of the president's body gaurds, to nearly being arrested for having a dead head on school campus, to exploding his pants in front of a live audience, to losing a whole group of seniors underneath the school gym... to making the Twinkie Squad into the most desirable club in school! There is no doubt that Douglas was nonetheless busy in this time, esspecaily while preforming as George Washington in the school play and writing the History of Pefkakia!

The Twinkie Squad- Published in 1992 by Gordon Korman- is one book that you will not want to miss!